The Big Whisky Debate - To Mix or Not to Mix - The Famous Grouse Experience
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The Big Whisky Debate – To Mix or Not to Mix

As Scotland’s Oldest Working distillery, Glenturret Distillery knows a thing or two about the world of fine drams. Our Drammolier, Lucy Whitehall, knows plenty about whisky too and is here to share her dram good expertise on some of whisky’s most talked about debates.

To Mix or Not to Mix

“Christmas Day is fast approaching and, for many of us, party season is in full swing. Soon we will be planning how we want to see 2016 arrive, from Hogmanay street parties to toasting the year gone by and new adventures to come with our families.

Hogmanay is definitely a time to celebrate new beginnings and, for most of us, we celebrate with a tipple in our hand. Since its party season, I don’t think there’s a more appropriate time of year to debate the pros and cons of mixing other flavours with whisky.

There is no doubt that cocktails are universally popular with all ages and spirit affiliations. Even people who would never dream of trying a cocktail are, more often than not, pleasantly surprised by the experience. There are some truly spectacular flavour combinations out there.

It seems ironic really that whisky is one of the spirits you don’t automatically associate with cocktails considering how diverse and varied its flavours can be. I suppose a dram can be a bit like a cocktail in itself with many flavours bursting through, from the scents on the nose, to a swirl on the palette and then another sensation in the finish.

Whisky really is a magnificent spirit and it should come as no surprise that it also works beautifully with many other complimentary flavours. Sometimes it takes just one additional flavour to create a completely different and fresh taste experience.

To celebrate the New Year, and our water of life’s chameleon-like talents, here are two very different, yet tantalisingly good ways to enjoy a whisky-based drink this party season…

The Glenturret Sour

Toast the New Year with one of Glenturret’s glorious new single malts, each offering their own distinct taste expression. An abundance of flavour, all found in this classic short serve.

2 shots of The Glenturret Sherry Edition (or the Peated or Triple Wood edition depending on your flavour preference)
1 shot of freshly squeezed lemon juice
½ a shot of sugar syrup
½ egg white (optional)
2 Dashes Aromatic Bitters

Measure the ingredients into a cocktail shaker and add lots of ice cubes. Shake vigorously for 10-12 seconds, then strain into a chunky tumbler and garnish with a couple of dashes of Aromatic Bitters.

The Black OrchardGordon Jack/

A sweet and mouth-watering fusion of whisky, fruit and refreshing ginger beer. This is ideal for someone who is being introduced to whisky for the first time.

1 shot The Famous Grouse Smoky Black
1 shot pressed apple juice
Ginger beer
1 wedge fresh lime

Fill a highball glass with ice, squeeze in a generous wedge of lime and drop into the glass. Add a measure of The Famous Grouse Smoky Black, two measure of pressed apple juice and top up with ginger beer, stir and serve.

Neither drink is superior to the other, as whether you prefer a cocktail, a dram served neat or your whisky served any other way at all, the winning way to enjoy your dram is however YOU like to drink it. There are no wrong answers in our fascinating world of whisky!

Wishing you all a very Merry Christmas and a dram good 2016! Cheers!

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Tricia Fox
[email protected]
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