The Big Whisky Debate - To give or not to give - The Famous Grouse Experience
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The Big Whisky Debate – To give or not to give

Join Glenturret Distillery’s very own DrammolierTM, Lucy Whitehall, as she takes on some of the biggest debates in the world of whisky and shares her dram good expertise, straight from Scotland’s oldest distillery.

To give or not to give

“As we venture further into December, the festive season has well and truly arrived! There’s Christmas parties to look forward to, The Pogues on the radio, mince pies and plenty festive cheer on the horizon. All great fun, but what often takes the fun out of the season to be jolly is the prospect of Christmas shopping.

What can be even more difficult is trying to find the ideal gift for a loved one. With what feels like less and less time (where did November go?) to consider the perfect present, we often have to find great presents under pressure.

Without sounding too biased, whisky is one of the most popular gifts for anyone who has an appreciation of a dram to receive. From colleagues in the Secret Santa, to buying an extra special malt for Dad, whisky is diverse enough to cover a huge number of different potential gift recipients.

I’m going to talk through a few potential gift options, all of which challenge this month’s Big Whisky Debate – to give or not to give. This is purely because, if you’re a lover of a dram good dram, then there is always an internal debate on whether you want to keep it for yourself! My advice? Buy two bottles, or be confident that the person you’re buying for knows you as well as you know them and reciprocates with an equally magnificent whisky.

For the whisky expert…

A fantastic and decidedly new potential gift option could be one of Glenturret’s fantastic core range. Choose from the Sherry, Triple Wood or Peated Edition depending on which flavours best suit the recipient’s palate. Each of these offer an amazing experience in taste and on the nose.

The sweet Sherry Edition has been matured in very expensive Spanish oak sherry seasoned casks and delivers a mixture of sweet spiciness and aromatic sandalwood. In contrast, the Triple Wood Edition is matured in European and American oak sherry seasoned casks and American oak bourbon casks to create an oaky flavour with fruity notes and a hint of coconut. Finally, the Peated Edition is smoky through the use of malted barley dried over peat fires – a real combination of sweet, smokiness and salty notes. A fine selection of drams where you can make your choice purely based on flavour without having to consider age or price (they all cost the same).

For the novice…

If you’re looking to introduce someone to the world of whisky, you might consider a blended whisky which can be a bit more subtle. The Famous Grouse Smoky Black is a great option. It’s quite smoky on the nose and spicy with that smooth Famous blend coming through on the finish. It’s a lovely dram and great for mixing with too if someone is just starting to get used to the diverse array of whisky flavours that are out there. A chunk of ice works well to mute the flavours a little too, if required.

Another unique and fun gift option for the whisky novice is our brand new Oooskabeer, a limited edition whisky matured scotch ale launched to celebrate the 240th anniversary of Glenturret Distillery. Ideal for the beer drinker who hasn’t yet discovered whisky.

For those looking for an experience…

What better gift is there than creating memories that you can enjoy long after a bottle of whisky has been savoured? If you’re looking for an extra special treat for a loved one, why not book them on one of our distillery tours? Our Warehouse Experience invites visitors into our exclusive bonded warehouses where there is row upon row of sleeping Glenturret casks. There’s an in-depth tour of our traditional distillery which finishes with a whisky tasting session in our specially built sample room inside the warehouses. Definitely a present to remember!

Good luck to you all with your shopping and Merry Christmas!”

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