The Big Whisky Debate - Hot Vs Cold - The Famous Grouse Experience
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The Big Whisky Debate – Hot Vs Cold

“In each and every one of our Big Whisky Debates, we have considered some of the most hotly discussed and celebrated topics in our world of whisky. From debating sherry Vs bourbon casks to whether we prefer to drink whisky traditionally or add a modern splash, one thing that has come through stronger than ever is that whisky is as varied as the people who enjoy it.

The options available to us, from the drams we savour to how and where we like to drink them are eclectic, far reaching and, above all, exciting – our beloved scotch really has continued to be, by a long way, the most flexible and varied of all the world’s spirits.

Our many debate journeys all return to one fundamental, absolutely key thing. Flavour.

Any additions to a dram, whether it be water, ice or mixers to create a cocktail, affect the flavour. But, how does temperature affect the flavour of a scotch? One of the most fascinating traits of whisky is how the dram reinvents itself on the nose, palette and in the finish when the temperature is altered.

Sometimes people use whisky for medicinal purposes. Who hasn’t heard of a dram being referred to as a ‘hot toddy’ before bed or when someone has a bad cold? This would often be a whisky heated up with either some water or honey added. The honey soothes while the whisky helps to numb the throat. Beyond being medicinal, there’s nothing more comforting than a ‘hot toddy’ on a cold winter’s eve to warm you up!

Coffee is another hot option for whisky. A measure of your favourite dram added to a sweet coffee with cream makes a refreshing and aromatic after-dinner drink which is better known as an Irish Coffee. The combination of coffee with whisky can draw out certain flavours from a dram – especially delicious notes of chocolate.

Whisky served icy cold can prove equally soothing and refreshing. But, what does freezing whisky do to the flavour? Freezing a dram rids the whisky of the smell, making it less strong on the nose and muting the flavour to make it more subtle on the palette. This is a great way to enjoy the taste if you find whisky at room temperature a little on the strong side.

One of our blended whiskies, The Snow Grouse, was designed to be consumed cold and is best enjoyed straight from the freezer. With its soft creamy vanilla and lightly oaky aroma, smooth taste and sweet finish, this dram offers a completely refreshing whisky experience, but at Arctic temperatures!

Here at Glenturret Distillery, our Famous Tasting Experience is a great way to learn more about tasting and nosing a range of our drams. During our tour you will enjoy two whisky tastes, one from The Glenturret range and one from The Famous Grouse range. Then you get to sample a further three whiskies from our Famous range of whiskies. You will also receive a souvenir nosing glass to take home.

As I said before, everyone is different and there are so many ways to enjoy a dram, so, hot or cold, whatever way YOU enjoy it is the best way. Cheers!

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