The Big Whisky Debate - Indoors vs Outdoors - The Famous Grouse Experience
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The Big Whisky Debate – Indoors vs Outdoors

As Scotland’s Oldest Working distillery, Glenturret Distillery knows a thing or two about the world of fine drams. Our Drammolier™ Lucy Whitehall, knows plenty about whisky too and is here to share her dram good expertise on some of whisky’s most talked about debates…

Indoors Vs Outdoors   Pic Alan Richardson Dundee Famous Grouse Experience

In the magnificently diverse world of whisky, we talk a lot about how we like to drink a dram. Hot, cold, ice, no-ice, water, no-water… but where in the world is the best place to drink it and how much does our environment affect the taste and enjoyment of a dram?
Something that I have learned through immersing myself in the whisky universe is that our beloved scotch is by far the most varied and flexible of all the spirits. Like a chameleon, it is expert at adapting to suit its surroundings.

As we all know, there is no such thing as the perfect whisky ambience for an enjoyable experience. It completely comes down to personal preference and what works for you. Scotch blends beautifully with water, mixers, ice, coffee, food, chocolate, and much more, but, some of these flavour combinations have a greater impact in certain environments.

Let’s set the scene… you’re in the heart of the great Scottish outdoors, breathing in the fresh air and soaking up the ever illusive Scottish sun. A few (just a few) rain clouds appear overhead. Imagine this scenario with a neat dram, letting a few splashes of rain water trickle into your glass. It’s hard to imagine a more atmospheric whisky experience both in terms of ambience and taste.

Here at Glenturret Distillery, I have ventured to nearby Loch Turret where we source the soft, clear spring water that goes in into our range of Glenturret Single

Malts, and savoured a dram with a splash of fresh water from the loch. There are few more memorable or special whisky experiences that I have had than a dram with water from Loch Turret.

Equally, ambient temperatures for whisky appreciation can be found indoors where temperatures are steady and less unpredictable, like our famous Scottish weather can be. Whisky drinking often conjures images of roaring fires and a late night dram before bed, but, while many enjoy a whisky in this way, today’s whisky world has evolved a great deal from just being enjoyed in your own home. Scotch is appreciated by all ages and in a vast array of environments from the comfort of an armchair, to a cocktail bar.

Today, whisky-based recipes are seen more and more on cocktail menus. I think this is down to there being a broader appreciation and awareness of whisky in our culture. Here’s a simple but delicious whisky cocktail to try which is popular with all palettes – perhaps a good option for testing out when friends are visiting or on a warm autumn afternoon!

The Stuffed Grouse

• 1 ½ shot The Famous Grouse
• ½ shot apple sourz
• 1 shot fresh orange
• 1 shot cranberry
• Ginger Beer


Build ingredients over ice in a highball glass and gently stir. Garnish with an orange and apple slice.

Another amazingly atmospheric whisky tasting experience can be found at our Warehouse Experience at Glenturret Distillery where we invite you into our exclusive bonded warehouses which house our maturing casks of Glenturret whisky. Following an in-depth distillery tour, you can enjoy a guided nosing and tasting session in our specifically built sample room with the warehouses.

I think it is absolutely clear from this whisky debate that the options around how and where we enjoy a dram are limitless. Cheers!

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