The Big Whisky Debate: Blended or Single Malt? - The Famous Grouse Experience
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The Big Whisky Debate: Blended or Single Malt?

Blended or single malt is a timeless whisky debate for which there really isn’t a right or wrong answer. It all comes down to your personal preference, and your tastes are completely unique to you. What I can do is dispel some misconceptions and explain to you a bit more about the differences between blended and single malt whiskies and, ultimately, the great tastes you can experience when drinking these different styles of drams.

Let’s start with probably the most popular misconception and one of the questions I am asked most regularly by visitors on our distillery tours: Is single malt better than blended whisky? This is a very common assumption and one that many believe to be true. But, my response is, and always will be, that neither is better than the other.

There are differences in how they are made, but each can be as exciting, enjoyable and flavour-filled as the other. Single malts offer a taste profile and charm unique to one distillery whereas blended whiskies offer an array of flavours from various different distilleries. They are very different but both offer something memorable to a whisky lover.

People tend to see single malts as a more popular choice as they have a number of quality indicators that many look for when tasting whisky. However, blended whisky, as well as offering an exciting fusion of distillery flavours, is a vital part of the Scottish Whisky industry. The Famous Grouse, our world Famous blended whisky is still the best selling whisky in Scotland and sells to many different markets, countries and cultures around the world. Its popularity is driven by its unique and consistent blended taste that is unrivalled in terms of it mass market appeal.

At The Famous Grouse Experience at Glenturret Distillery we admire both styles and place them both on an equal level of quality. Our Glenturret Single Malt and The Famous Grouse have both been lovingly made By Hand and By Heart.

Again, as with all whiskies, enjoyment comes down to your personal tastes and what flavours work best for you. There is absolutely no right or wrong way to enjoy drinking a dram, whether it’s a single malt or blended whisky, and both are made by equally passionate people for all types of consumers.The very best type of whisky is your favourite whisky, drunk how you enjoy it!

At Glenturret Distillery, we have a range of tours that allow the visitor to learn more about appreciating and enjoying malt and blended whiskies. Our Tasting Experience includes our award winning distillery tour as well as a taste of three fine whiskies and a souvenir nosing glass so you can continue your experience at home. There are two options: a Famous Tasting and a Finest Tasting, so you can choose which whisky style you’d like to learn more about.

If a blended whisky interests you and you fancy yourself as a bit of a nosing guru, our Blending Experience would be perfect, offering a truly unique opportunity to master the art of blending your own whisky.”

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